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We are a group of individuals who are having a vision of building a strong Foundation for the construction of an ideal social background in our country.

Our Organization takes its initiatives and all the principles from Arya Samaj under the preaching of Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati (1824-1883) carrying the values such as Indian Culture, Vedic Methods, Matru Bhakti, Desa Bhakti, Seva, Gau Samrakshana, Eating habits, moral values, importance of Ayurveda & yoga, health and well being etc., and spreading their importance into every possible citizen within its reach in the society.

Our organization consists of people from all fields of intellectual excellence including IIT/IIM graduates, doctors, professors etc. We are running this as a research oriented organization which is continuously working on the methods to improve the lifestyle of the youth.

With a reasonable research being done every year, we have been improving on the Summer Camp in its overall effectiveness on every single individual - carefully choosing the course contents and also rendering some special care for some individuals for exploring their talents and polishing those unidentified skills. Thus taking them in the right tracks for exposure of the talents and there by achieving goals.

Summer camp India-2018 is the result of the continuous self evaluation and improvements made by our organization since 1999. And we had brought about certain changes and corrections as compared to the yesteryears.