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Horse Riding

  • Duration: 23rd April to 20th May 2018
  • Elgibility: 8 to 16 years - unisex(Boys and Girls)
  • Fee Details : Rs 7000 /- (incl. GST) for one hour Batch 12 Sessions
                                        Rs 10000 /- (incl. GST) for one hour Batch 20 Sessions
  • Batch Timings : Morning (6AM TO 7AM)(7AM TO 8AM)
  • Venue : 5 locations. LOCATIONS
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Horseback riding training is other favourite discipline in Summer Camp 2018. The basic training of horseback riding is easy to learn and participants aged 7 are eligible. .

Participants are trained batch wise with each batch having 6 students. In First week training for 7-12 years participants include basics of assisted horseback riding of 5 to10 rounds in 30 feet Horse Rink. By second week they exhibit riding skills lonely and in 3rd week they can handle alone and ride the horse confidently. .

Some gifted Teens and daring kids can easily succeed in this training by efficiently handling the Horse. (Participants are never forced to undergo Horseback Riding) .

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Horseback riding improves the core strength of the body.

Horseback riding works the core muscles that stabilize the abdominal, the back, the Pelvic and the trunk. .

Ultimately improving the coordination and Stability in the body.

Note: Talented and interested students will be guided to continue professional training after summer camp.

Location : Nallakunta

Camp Code :

Course Duration : 1 Month
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  • Without identity card not allowed to training )
  • Please follow the time table atlest 10 min before attend the training place without fail
  • Fallow the coach instructions
  • Don't move anywhere restricted area (archery and shooting place)
  • Don't go inside horse riding rink without coach permission
  • Things to carry: water bottle hand napkin,note book/pen( small bag kit)
  • Dress code: sport dress, sport shoe,