Summer Camp Activities

Participants enrolled for this SUMMER CAMP 2020, will experience a home away from home, a entirely new world to live for 3 weeks.
Hill stations, etc. fearlessly under the guidance of experts getting to learn all that is required for venturing into these places ever in life.
We are conducting summer camps since 1999, and as usual our Experienced, Young and dynamic Team will work for this summer camp.
Kriya Yoga Samsthan had successfully conducted various programmes on large scale where 500 to 5000 participants from Nationwide gather at one place and comparatively this camp is a small assignment to work out for management team.
When students once get admitted to the camp, we divide them according to age group and initiate training.
Daily routine kick-start with a wake-up whistle early in the morning at 5:00 am and concludes at 8:30 pm and irrespectively every activity is mandatory to all participants.



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Morning Wakeup

Yoga teachers, Physical Education Teachers (PETs), dormitory wardens and other volunteers wakeup the participants and line them up height wise in the Main Assembly hall.

Pratahkal Mantras

Participants stand in absolute silence in prayer position with eyes closed and chant pratahkal mantras under supervision of Vedic teachers. At the end children are made to say Namaste to each other. Namaste is a respectful greetings said when giving a namaskar.

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Nature Call

Students are made to consume warm water by dormitory in-charges and PETs and made to walk for 5 minutes before attending to nature call. ( constipated will be supervised by Yoga expert to overcome it ) Fresh up by brushing, tongue cleaning followed by gag reflex exercises.

Then they Wear Sports dress and shoe and rush to the sports complex to participate in Jogging, yoga, fitness exercises, Etc.

Yoga Fitness Training

Participants are divided into groups and the training commences with warm up exercises and specifically this training is very important for everyone in the camp. We have specially designed the training Syllabus for the fitness program. Once student learn this fitness their body maintains the physical energy levels till the end of the day removing tiredness & dullness. Regular practice of these exercises and yoga will help the participants to maintain a healthy life style.

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Vedic Sandhya & Vedic havan

Kriya Yoga Samsthan conducts various programs under the footsteps of Maharshi Dayananda Saraswathi, Founder of Arya Samaj.

This discipline is one of the prominent teachings of Maharshi and a very important subject for participants life. Vedic sandhya Mantras can change the negative thinking in mind. It is unique prayer for everyone in the world as it gives positive energy. Once digested, participants will attain cosmic energy resulting in improvement of memory power and Innovative ideas.

Vedic sandhya is the result of extensive research done by maharishis during Vedic period. This is the greatest discovery of Vedic Period. Now a days the practice of Vedic sandhya is restricted to Gurukulas and other religious institutions.

Note: Students gain this knowledge simply in regular timetable without any pressure and forcing.

Chanting slokas and mantras

It’s very important for grooming Participants. Age group of 7-16 years is the right time to learn and chanting of these slokas and mantras will be remembered for lifetime. Chanting of Neethi Slokas and Chandas written by BHARTRUHARI, CHANAKYA and VIDHURA Sages give good knowledge for maintaining high Standard lifestyle.

Their scripts include Vedic mantras for morning wake-up prayer, sandhya prayer, bathing prayer, before eating food prayer, prayer to god, bed time prayer etc.

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Rifle shooting

20 participants are restricted to one group and the group is divided according to height Wise. We have sufficient guns of different size for different age groups. 7 -16 year participants can easily use guns and they can fill the pellets in guns and shoot the Targets. . At a time 10 students can practice shooting and the remaining 10 will stay back and observe the learning techniques while waiting for their turn.

This activity increases the ability to concentrate. Interested and talented participants can continue the coaching and participate in championships

First week coaches will give individual attention to each student. Then in 2nd week it is easy for the students to shoot the target.

By the end of 3rd week we select good shooters and give grades. Note: Talented and interested students will be guided to continue professional training after summer camp.

Horse Riding

Horseback riding training is other favorite discipline in Summer Camp 2020. The basic training of horseback riding is easy to learn and participants aged 7 are eligible. Participants are trained batch wise with each batch having 6 students. In First week training for 7-12 years participants include basics of assisted horseback riding of 5 to10 rounds in 30 feet Horse Rink. By second week they exhibit riding skills lonely and in 3rd week they can handle alone and ride the horse confidently.

Some gifted Teens and daring kids can easily succeed in this training by efficiently handling the Horse. (Participants are never forced to undergo Horseback Riding)

The Benefits are as following:-

Horseback riding improves the core strength of the body.
Horseback riding works the core muscles that stabilize the abdominal, the back, the Pelvic and the trunk.
Ultimately improving the coordination and Stability in the body.

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Archery (Dhanurvidya)

It is a very important activity for students to improve their concentration levels in this training period. Also this will increase their hands and shoulder energy. As you know this was practiced in our country since Vedic times as a martial art and warfare method. There was a science which is based on the technical and practical sides of Archery named DHANURVEDA.

Vedas also explain the importance of dhanurvidya for increasing concentration. This technique was used to fight without disturbing the nature as it does not give out any pollution. We can be proud that this method developed by our ancestors is accepted as a competitive sport in international level sports meets. We have sufficient Bows, arrows, targets, arm guards, finger guards, man power and trainers for this camp. This training is given under the supervision of international level coaches and their team.

Based on Age and height, we provide different sized bows and arrows. Each group consists of 20 members divided into 2 batches and 10 participants at a time learn the techniques and participants in the back row observe the techniques and wait till their turn.

Around 5-10 arrows are used for one round. 1st week basics will be taught with paying more individual attention. In the 2nd week they will practice more. By the end of the 3rd week we will give grades according to their performance in the progress report.

The Benefits are as following:-

Archery practice can help all participants focus better in other areas of life too. Archery strengthens arms, chest, core, hands and shoulders. Consistent practice builds muscle memory and improves coordination. Archery practice builds self esteem. Learning to focus while building strength and confidence relieves stress levels.

Vedic Mathematics / Abacus

Nowadays schools in every corner are teaching Vedic mathematics and abacus. We are providing “Crash Course” training especially in this summer camp. Abacus for 3rd to 5th standard kids and Vedic mathematics for 6th to 10th standard students. Our expert faculties can provide books and effective training.

Then we will give separate participation certificates for abacus & Vedic mathematics. Interested participants can continue to attend classes of their choice on the advanced level program

This training will definitely help children in their studies and development of good intelligence and improvement in memory levels. Students will get more knowledge on mathematics in future which will help them make easy calculations in their academics.

By the end participants will be able to calculate up to 2-4 digits multiplications, squares, cubes and cube roots using hands within few seconds depending upon their mental ability.

Note: After training we will give grades and those who are little weak in calculations will be under special care to enhance their ability

The Benefits are as following:-

Boosts better and faster calculation skills. Concentration and observance levels are sharpened. Impart clearer logical reasoning. Improves Tolerance for stress and pressure Problem - solving abilities are improved.

After completion of this camp our team can further continue effective training through Home Visit weekend classes and online classes to the interested students.

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It is a general training for every student. Children divided into different groups can enjoy in swimming pool under supervision of efficient coaches. Swimming is lots of fun for participants of all ages and especially love getting in the water and enjoying them self.

Teachers will care those who are learners in swimming. And all our coaches are also available at swimming time being alert and vigil. On alternate days students can enjoy the swimming At Summer Camp.

The Benefits are as following:-

Swimming is the only sport that can save the life from drowning and it is an essential life saving skill.

Regular swimming keeps heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.

Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities.

Swimming also opens up the door to a range of other activities like kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, surfing, triathlon and yachting.

Drawing and Painting

Experienced and expert Fine arts teachers are engaged to polish participants drawing and painting skills. Drawing and painting Classes are conducted every year and we are improving every year adding something special like Arts and Crafts, Clay molding, Nature Drafts and many more. Our team can conduct and provide advanced training for those who are interested in this activity.

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Butterfly fields

It is an initiative of IIT-IIM graduates to make learning easy, enriching and enjoyable. Program comprises of various kinds of activities and experiences which are specifically designed to make the child understand the underlying concepts or principles and at the same time enjoying it. The child is made to work in a team, is challenged to take decisions, asked to gather information, posed with questions and encouraged to think laterally.

Note: interested Parents can buy this total kit from Service providing team. Your kids will learn at home. For more information visit their website:


Every day evening 4.45pm to 6.45pm (2hours) students can enjoy playing games like cricket, basket ball, volley ball, badminton, kho-kho and other sports activities according to their interest. We will provide good coaching under expert coaches and PET’s Supervision.

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2 day Adventure Camp

This will be an outing to Nearby Adventure resort called Keesara Gutta Adventure Retreats spread in a span of 100 acres surrounded by hills.

This includes trekking uphill for 3km distance. Yearlong Lotus pond and Shiva temple are the major attractions along the trek.

Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing, Tent pitching, Commando Net, Zip lining and other team spirit creating activities are the other attractions of the Adventure Camp.

The day end with a Bonfire activity and Star Gazing.

Thus participants enjoy this adventure and it will be an experience to remember for the life time.

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Night Light Walking

Towards the middle of the summer camp we take them for night walking between 8:00 pm to 9.30 pm. Participants will enjoy this activity with torch lights and sticks. We will give security along with our staff. It will be a different enjoyable experience for kids

Camp fire

We will arrange a camp fire before the concluding day at the Camp premises for the participants to enjoy by singing, dancing, playing games etc

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