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  • Duration: 23rd April to 20th may 2018
  • Elgibility: 8 to 16 years - unisex (Boys and Girls)
  • Fee Details : Rs 4000 /- (incl. GST) one hour Batch
  • Batch Timings : Morining (6 AM TO 7 AM ) (7 AM TO 8 AM)
  • Location : 14 locations in Hyderabad.LOCATIONS
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It is other important activity for participants to improve their concentration levels during this training period. This will increase their hands and shoulder strength. .

This practise is under existence in our country since Vedic times as a martial art and warfare method. This is a science which is based on the technical and practical sides of Archery named DHANURVEDA .

Vedas also explain the importance of dhanurvidya for increasing concentration. This technique was used to fight without disturbing the nature as it does not give out any pollution. We can be proud that this method developed by our ancestors is accepted as a competitive item in international level sports meets. We have sufficient Bows, arrows, targets, arm guards, finger guards, man power and trainers for this camp .

This training is given under the supervision of international level coaches and team.

Based on age and height we provide different sized bows and arrows. Each group consists of 10/20 participants and firstly 5/10 participants will learn the technique. The remaining 5/10 will stay in the back row observing the techniques till their turn. Around 5-10 arrows are used for one Basic round.

1st week basics will be taught paying more individual attention. In the 2nd week they will practice more. By the end of the 3rd week we will give grades according to their performance in the progress report.

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Archery practice can help all participants focus better in other areas of life too.

Archery strengthens arms, chest, core, hands and shoulders.

Consistent practice builds muscle memory and improves coordination.

Archery practice builds self esteem.

Learning to focus while building strength and confidence relieves stress levels.

Note: Talented and interested students will be guided to continue professional training after summer camp.

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  • Without identity card not allowed to training )
  • Please follow the time table atlest 10 min before attend the training place without fail
  • Fallow the coach instructions
  • Don't move anywhere restricted area (archery and shooting place)
  • Don't go inside horse riding rink without coach permission
  • Things to carry: water bottle hand napkin,note book/pen( small bag kit)
  • Dress code: sport dress, sport shoe,


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