Summer Camp India 2018 Hyderabad
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  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Workshop Duration: 5 days(4 Hour daily)
  • ELIGIBILITY: High school & College Students- unisex (Boys and Girls)
  • Fees Details: Rs.3000/- (incl. GST)
  • Batch: 30 members
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About Aeromodelling

Aeromodelling is a great way of getting a glimpse into the world of drones, aeroplanes and space exploration technologies. Students should increase their knowledge on aeromodelling and improve their practical skills by building hands-on projects. This will give them an opportunity to stay with the technological advancement and help them to develop advanced projects when they progress in their career. Building projects hands-on also helps college students to develop additional skills like critical thinking, structural thinking and improves their creativity, problem solving and ability to work in a team which are very hard to attain through conventional classroom sessions.

Students should have interest in knowing the mechanism of flying object.
Students interested in RC Aircraft Design.
Students interested for a career in Aerospace and related fields of engineering.

Design, Build & Test your first RC Aircraft from scratch!
Learn all the introductory concepts of aeronautical engineering through aeromodelling
Introduction to Design Algorithm of an aircraft
Hands-on experience on the electronic and electrical instrumentation of an RC aircraft

Introductory Lecture on Aeromodelling - 2 hours
Interactive Design Session - 2 hours
Fabrication Session - 8 hours
Testing Session - all aircrafts designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team

Basics of Flight & Aeronautics
Different Systems in an Aircraft
Stability & Control of an Aircraft
Instrumentation in an RC Aircraft

Content of workshop:-


  • Discussion on aviation and future of aviation industry.
  • Fundamental of Aircraft & Aerodynamics.
  • How any object fly.
  • Basics of Flight & Aeronautics
  • Theory involved in flying.
  • Aerofoil shape.
  • Drag, thrust, lift and weight.
  • Propeller theory.
  • Stability & Control of an Aircraft.
  • Bernoulli theorem.
  • Design Session(Designing the plane from scratch with the help of dephron sheet)
  • Motor mounting and Z bending.

Day -2

  • Introduction &Installation of electronics components
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Propeller
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Li-Po Battery
  • Servo Motors
  • Coroplast
  • Styrofoam
  • Control Rods
  • Wing Holders
  • Working Tools
  • Other miscellaneous items.
  • Assembly and troubleshooting of avionics components
  • Simulator Practice
  • Troubleshooting of avionics components
  • Real time Flying in ground.

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