Adventure tour

  • Duration : 25th May to 3rd June 2020
  • Tour Camp(Route): it's a Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Delhi Tour
  • Elgibility: 12 to 20 years - unisex (Boys and Girls)
  • Fee Details: INR 30,000/- (Including GST) Excluding flight charges & Includes boarding, Lodging, Travelling & activities expenses, etc.


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Renowned for its abundant beauty in the laps of mighty Himalayas, the hill station of Himachal Pradesh is popularly known as Devbhoomi - The land of Gods. The state is landlocked with Tibetan plateau to the east, the Punjab to its west, Jammu & Kashmir to the North and Uttarpradesh on its southernmost point. The vast tracts of high altitude Trans Himalayan desert, dense forests, tall deodar trees, apple orchards, misty snow covered mountains, cascading waterfalls, free flowing streams. Snow fed lakes, and gushing rivers adds even more charm to the pristine beauty of the state.

The state is blessed with some of the best hill stations that one can't afford to miss on Himachal tours. Shimla, chail, Dalhoussie, Mandi, Bilaspur, chamba, Solan, Kullu & Manali are few of them that allure the visitors from far off places. The hill station of Dalhousie is full of colonial charm that still preserves it in the form of churches, cathedrals and some of the famous boarding schools. If you want to get mesmerized by the beauty of sunrises and sunsets or want to enjoy your evenings at the famous Mall Road that offers one of the longest stretches of pedestrian shopping in the world. .

The breathtakingly beautiful Manali in Kullu District is renowned in the world for its pristine beauty and adventurous activities. The snow covered peaks along with free flowing river Beas menders through it is so mesmerizing and thrilling that it compel the visitors to visit it again and again. .

The historic town of Mandi at the banks of River Beas(Vyas River) is often called as the Varanasi of hills due to its ancient temple and shrines. The temples of Bhutnath, Trilokinath, Panchvaktra and Shyamakali are among the more famous ones. The breathtakingly beautiful Kullu and Manali is renowned in the world for its pristine beauty and adventurous activities. The snow covered peaks along with free flowing river Beas menders through it is so mesmerizing and thrilling that it compel the visitors to visit it again and again. Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its hill stations but also for the adventure activities. One can enjoy here mountaineering, river rafting, skiing, snowboarding Para gliding, zorbing, hot Air balloon etc to make their holiday even more challenging. Hence Himachal Pradesh tour is once in a life time experience for its visitors. .

Every year we are conducting Adventure camps For Students to create awareness about our Indian diversity of nature and geographic patterns.

Also it will help them to develop their mind to face any challenging situations in future.

Why Your child should attend

Your child deserves the best thrilling adventure with all safety measures and shell of morality and cushioning of values along with real exposure and experience of adventure which you get only with us. We provide World Class ‘Fun, Adventure and Comfort’.

Kriya Yoga Samsthan-Hyderabad adventure travel involves exploration to remote and exotic areas with an avid experience of physical activity, a cultural exchange and Engagement with nature with the help of adventure tourism, we show case varied aspects of Indian Culture as participants get an opportunity to closely engage with the society. Other rising forms of adventure travel include social and jungle tourism.

KRIYA YOGA SAMSTHAN adopted a multipronged approach to promote and harness Potential in a safe and sustainable manner. Adventure tour is as enjoyable, exciting, thrilling and invigorating as one makes it. India in itself is a open invitation to the fun loving and the adventurous souls. To fancy the wild and see Mother Nature in its original form, to see man and nature surviving in each other's arms is rediscovering one's own self.

Summer has the spotlight on all the destinations in the northernmost states with its breathtaking views. There is enormous potential of adventure tourism multi activity based adventure tourism. The professionals include avid, well trained and certified professionals from advanced & outdoor field.

Adventure Travel & out bound touring includes Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Camping, Obstacles Courses, HR camps, Trekking, Wild Life Viewing, Jungle Camps, Nature Workshops, Wild Life Safari, Fire Camps, River Crossing,Etc

Mountaineering includes white water rafting, canoeing, etc.

Our destinations are custom made.

We are introducing Para gliding, Para Sailing, Parachuting, Hot air Ballooning, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Skiing, etc. in near Future.

Kriya yoga samsthan adventure tour is committed to provide you with the best outdoor experience ever! Get involved in a culture and have more authentic experience.

The best way to really get involved in the culture of any place is to travel with KRIYA YOGA SAMSTHAN’S “ All India Adventure Camp – 2020”

Adventure tour often relies heavily on the natural and cultural resources a destination has to offer but Help nation rescue the economy and develop tourism.

Help nation bring its economy back on track. Spurs economic growth around the country.

Care About Children

Our organization provides good facilities along with safe and secure atmosphere for the students. Management team will take care of all the participants and one team member will be made a care taker for every 10 students who will be always with them throughout the camp. And at the base camp our adventure trainers and other staff members will also join.

Hygienic Adventure tents will be organised for accommodation.

Separate accommodation for Girls and Boys supervised by Staff Members 24x7 during the camp.

Experienced cooks will be engaged to prepare South and North Indian dishes.

Delicious and nutritious pure Vegetarian food will be served within the camp.

Day & Night Security arrangements are made exclusively for the students.

Every Adventure group will have a phone for emergency / convenience.

In house Doctors will be available 24 x 7.

All Adventure activities are done under the supervision of qualified trainers.

The base camp is registered under Himachal Pradesh Tourism Corporation.

Note: we are not visiting or camping for activities which are not approved by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Corporation.

12th All India Adventure Camp 2020 is destined to SHIMLA & MANALI of Himachal Pradesh known for their endless natural beauty fascinating everyone with galore of Adventure activities to learn.

It is a Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Delhi Adventure Trip.

Participants across the Globe are welcome to participate. We receive the participants at DELHI and after the Adventure Tour we drop them back at DELHI to board on to their respective mode of transport. PICK-UP & DROP Point locations are Airport, Railway Station and I.S.B.T. Delhi.

Tent Pitching


Fitness Exercises



River Crossing

Solang Valley Outing


Rock Climbing



Cable Car Ropeway


# Our Adventure Team associates Welcome and receive You at Delhi AirPort and help to Check In to pre booked Hotel in  Aero city Place, delhi. (within 5km distance from Airport)

# Introduction and meeting for 20 min followed by Lunch.

# Rest for couple of hours.

# Around 5.00-5:30pm AC Bus Journey Starts from Delhi to Shimla ( Dinner on High way ).

INR 30,000/- (including GST) Excluding flight charges & Includes boarding, Lodging, Travelling & activities expenses, etc.

Note: Participants Travelling First Time by Flight Journey need not worry as Every Flight operator assists with Escort Facility if required. Please mention for Escort service required while booking tickets in advance. Service Representatives will escort the passengers to board the flight from departing airport and another representative will escort the passenger at arrival airport and safely hand over to the summer camp organisers.

Adventure Camp Registered Students in India should Book the Flight Tickets from their nearest AirPort / travel agent. Book the Tickets to Delhi scheduled to arrive between 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM on 25th May 2020 & Tickets from Delhi to home town on 3rd June 2020 scheduled to depart between 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.



3454 820 3370





List of items To Be Carried By Applicant

Sports Shoes

Water Bottle (thermoflask)



Sufficient Warm Clothes

Track Suit 2 pairs

Face Cream

Toilet kit

Monkey cap

Lip cream

Woollen gloves

Sufficient socks

1 Parents are expected to go through all the details and satisfy themselves before making the payment

2 Parents / Guardian must make sure the applications are filled up completely and the payments are made in advance well in time.

3The application forms duly filled in must be submitted along with 3 pass post size photographs

4 The belongings need to be listed in the Annexure provided in the Application forms

5 The students those who are travelling by Flight from any corner of India will be received at Delhi airport Domestic Terminal. The arrival of the participant has to be before 2:00 P.M or by 2:00 PM only on the scheduled date of Reporting.

6 International Travellers will be received at Delhi International Terminal and the participants have to arrive by or before 11:00 AM on the scheduled date of Reporting.

7 Parents / Participants must make sure the applications are filled up completely and the payments are made in advance well in time.

8 Scanned copies of Original Photo ID ( Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, etc) and Ticket Itinerary  ( Flight Ticket / Reserved Train Ticket / Reserved Bus Ticket ) has to be mandatorily sent to the Email –

9 Participants should carry Original Photo ID  ( Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, etc) and Ticket Itinerary  ( Flight Ticket / Reserved Train Ticket / Reserved Bus Ticket )along with them.

10 All the participant’s belongings will be identified with permanent markings of their

Unique Identification Number provided after admission into the Summer camp.

 11 It is Parents / Guardians responsibility to mark all the belongings of the participant with Permanent marker to overcome misplace / unidentifiable / theft  and also to identify the sole owner and handover the same.

 12  Jewellery (Gold, silver or imitation) is strictly not allowed.

 13 In case Parents want to keep any pocket money with their children they should deposit the same with the organizers for which receipt will be issued to their participant children. And the money will be issued to the children in need with proper accounting system.

14 The parents must inform in writing to the organizers of the camp at the time of joining about any medicines to be given to their child on regular basis, so that the organizers will ensure that child takes the medicine without fail.

 15  Interested students can carry cameras and mobile phones at their own responsibility and

Risk .

16 During the entire period of Adventure Tour, the children will not be permitted to go out for short or long breaks for any reason.

17 Management decision is Final and Binding.


Welcome to the Adventure camp! We have designed this program to include a variety of activities in a safe supervised environment. Most activities will be held at Shimla & Manali  with the exception field trips throughout the duration of adventure camp. Our dedicated and well trained Adventure Camp staff members encourage and promote physical activities that will help boost self-image and self-confidence. We provide an adventurous environment for youth to socialize and create new friendships. This informational guide will provide general adventure camp information.


It is imperative that you turn in our “participant medical contact form” this form, along with all other pertinent information can be found in our website This form needs to be completed and returned to the Administrative staff by 15th April 2020, or, at the latest first day of the camp. This information is held in the strictest confidence.

Please note: if we do not have this information on file, your child will NOT be able to attend Adventure camp. Please remember to attach a latest photograph.


Adventure camp is scheduled from 25TH May 2020 to 03RD JUNE 2020 and the parents can avail the admission on or before 15th May. Details can be found on Please make every effort to drop off and pick up your child on time. children will be transported from Delhi to shimla & Manali at 5:00 PM on 25th May and will leave Kullu District at 4:00 PM to head back to Delhi. If you will be late in Delhi, Please refer to our late pick up Policy.

If for any reason you have to pick up your child early from camp, please coordinate with the Camp Director / Assistant Director.


It is imperative that your child is received on time, as our staff needs this time to prepare for the next day. There will be a 15 minute Grace Period for receiving the Participant. More than 15 minutes Grace period you will be expected to pay Rs. 500 for 30 minute waiting period. Once the 30 minute waiting period is elapsed there will be an additional Rs. 1000 charge for every 30 minutes. This fee must be paid in Delhi by cash before commencement of journey to Shimla.


Please indicate on the Participant Information Medical Form who is authorized to pick up your child from Adventure Camp. If someone else is coming to pick up your child, and is not listed as an authorized adult, parents must submit in writing who will be picking up the child. Participants will not be permitted to leave the camp unless we have written permission from the parent.


The adventure camp touring is operated from Friday, 25th May – 3rd June 2020, for 10 days. All campers must be registered and paid in full by 21st May 2020. If your child is not on the roster, or attendance sheet, please show proof of receipt to the Camp Director / Assistant Director. If we do not have proof of payment, you may be sent to our administrative offices for further follow up.


Participants are expected to behave appropriately while participating in any adventurous activity. Please review the camp policies with your child. Rules / Guidelines have been developed to make this ALL INDIA ADVENTURE CAMP 2020 safe and enjoyable for all.  A participant who displays negative behavior can affect the rest of the Camp’s experience. Participants who are disruptive, unruly and display inappropriate behavior OR require an excessive amount of disciplinary attention will meet the camp Director to evaluate their behavior. Management reserves the right to dismiss a Participant or facility user whose behavior endangers their own safety or safety of others. Parents will be notified of any misconduct or discipline problems. It will be the parent’s responsibility to arrange for the transportation for the child if he/ she is being sent home due to disciplinary actions.


BE SAFE. Follow camp rules at all times

Do not display any aggressive behavior, including hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, and biting

Hazing and bullying is strictly prohibited.

Protect your feet by always wearing shoes; Cross training shoes are required at camp.

RESPECT other campers, staff members, their belongings, our facilities, and the natural environment.  

Refrain from disparaging remarks, including comments against an individual's race, ethnic background, religion, physical appearance, or disabling condition.  

Remain with your group and a Management staff member at all times, unless directed to do otherwise.

Refrain from threatening or causing bodily harm to yourself, other participants, or staff.

Talk in a pleasant manner. use no foul language or put-downs. Topics of conversation are to be appropriate for a public setting.  

Treat all equipment and supplies with proper care and respect.

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