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About the Founder

It was sheer instinct that triggered it off when Mr.Devendra Mitra Arya embarked on pursuing education in Vedic philosophy in ARSHA VIDYA PARAMPARA in his childhood. He realized that rich Indian Vedic Culture, traditional education system and ancient heritage is losing its value in the present day life. He Had the fortune of Experiencing in gurukul education system and with his wisdom came the idea of spreading it to the current generations. This spark led Mr.Devendra Mitra Arya  to the establishment of a yoga school and spread awareness on Gurukul culture. By travelling throughout India he gathered information regarding the culture, heritage and traditions followed in different parts of India. Then he established KRIYA YOGA SAMSTHAN on 3rd of March 1999, a yoga institute that transforms people from all walks of life -making them realise the importance of yoga, its proactive and enhancing thyself.

His Yoga techniques offer practical solutions to overcome the daily physical, mental and physiological strain of modern day to day life.He also teaches on improvement of health through adequate diet, relaxation, quality sleep, yogasan, pranayam, meditation and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. His teachings offer a unique practical insight to unearth hidden talent from grass root level in an individual and make him/her aware of the future and its possibilities.

He also helps the participant to reach their full potential through the milestones of learning, playing and relaxing. As a Professional Yoga Therapist, renowned Vedic philosopherAacharya ayurveda and Psychologist he had spent 10 years researching and developing new techniques in the treatment of sciatica, paralysis, cervical, back pain, arthritis, asthma, obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. Over the years he has gained expertise in variety of paramedical fields like acupressure; massage therapy and MARMA technique and Iris diagnosis.

 He has also written extensively for a cross section of news papers besides participating in several T.V. Programs, talk shows and international yoga awareness programs. Despite lucrative job offers in India and abroad Mr.Devendra Mitra Arya remained where his heart is-here in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.